Top 10 Forest Bathing Activities To Try.

Forest Bathing is the Japanese wellbeing activity that supports our physical and mental wellbeing.  These invitations can also be taken in a garden. Just slow walking, focusing on our senses, keeping phones tucked away, and with no need to chat, you are in the company of trees.  Take a slow stroll in the woods, orContinue reading “Top 10 Forest Bathing Activities To Try.”

Virtual Forest Bathing

From the start of a forest bathing session we are often looking through the eyes of the poets and the painters, until we can see with our own eyes.  I love this quote to start a session, from Robert Louis Stephenson (1904), the idea that the forest can make a ‘claim on our hearts’.  ThatContinue reading “Virtual Forest Bathing”

5 Activities to Harness the Forest Goodness.

Find yourself in a quiet place, stand till or sit and take long, deep, calming breaths.  Take a moment to acknowledge this time to explore your senses in this place, one at a time. If you are happy to; close your eyes or soften your gaze, like a daydream mode. Once you feel grounded, slowlyContinue reading “5 Activities to Harness the Forest Goodness.”

8 approaches for inspiring internal motivation in the classroom

Using the Great Teaching Toolkit, courtesy of Rob Coe et al. (2020) as a training tool, I am set to deliver just one session for my colleagues this coming week, and it struck me that this could be basis for this blog. Teaching and coaching tools for motivation. Do I have the most motivated studentsContinue reading “8 approaches for inspiring internal motivation in the classroom”

Introducing me – Jane Owen

Educator, coach and researcher. I have been a teacher of teenagers for too long to mention, my experience has led me to want to improve their mental wellness through diverse activities. Why? My experience shows an increase in low-level or emerging mental health, (often self-diagnosed) conditions. Because widening their experiences helps to show them howContinue reading “Introducing me – Jane Owen”

Jane Owen

Coach, Educator and Researcher. Specialising in eco-coaching and young people.

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